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  • MAR 2016 Please note that the BC Drinking Water guidelines have now been retired. Please use the Federal Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality for any guideline comparisons.
  • MAR 2016 Updated the Federal Interim Groundwater Quality Guidelines
    Download PDF (1.46 MB)
  • MAR 2016 Removed the BC Approved and Working Quality Guidelines for drinking water. Please use the Canadian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines for comparing your drinking water samples.
  • FEB 2015 BC Approved Water Quality Guidelines for Cadmium for freshwater aquatic life.
    Download PDF (1.30 MB)
  • MAR 2015 Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality - maximum acceptable concentration (MAC) of 0.005 mg/L is established for 1,2-dichloroethane in drinking water.
    Download PDF (680 KB)
  • FEB 2014 Microsoft Internet Explorer 11. In order to use the export to Excel features in Webtrieve after updating to Internet Explorer version 11, please press ALT-T and select compatibility settings, and add the Webtrieve URL to the list of websites to use in compatibility mode.
  • FEB 2014 Canadian Water Quality Guidelines for the Protection of Freshwater Aquatic Life have updated the Cadmium long term guideline limits to 0.04 ug/L, which is based on hardness below 17 mg/L (as CaCO3).
    Download PDF (274 KB)